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Phentermine is one of the most effective drugs available today which helps you to fight against obesity. There are hundreds of other drugs which claim to be effective against this condition, but most of them can cause serious side effects. But, consuming Phentermine without prescription can be as dangerous as any of these drugs. There are various factors that need to be accounted for while consuming this drug. By not consulting a doctor prior to administering this drug, you negate to include these factors, thereby paving the path for potential health risks.

Most people are under the impression that merely by consuming this obesity control pill; you will get to see the end of this problem. But, what you don’t realize is that there are other things that you need to follow as well. If you are someone who consumes Phentermine without prescription, you wouldn’t know about such things. But, a person who consults a doctor before it would definitely know that following a strict diet and a healthy exercise routine is vital for the drug to give anticipated results.

Once you start with this drug, the first couple of weeks are very important. You need to keep your doctor in loop with the various advancements and if you observe something uncomfortable, you should immediately bring that to the attention of your doctor. It is also equally important to inform the doctor about your past medical history. This will save a lot of complications in the future. Similarly, once you are on this medication, you should abstain from alcohol and smoking as these habits can have fatal side effects. There are many other drugs that you should not consume while you are on a Phentermine medication. A person who administers Phentermine without prescription won’t know any of these and is taking a serious risk.