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Marlena said:
Xenical is one of the best drugs available in the market today in treating obesity. I’ve been using this drug for just 10 days now and guess what, the drug has taught me to keep away from fatty foods. I no longer drop for chocolates and cokes and I’ve already lost about 5 pounds in the first week only. My calorie intake has reduced and come to normal and I no longer feel tired because of extra fat. This drug has helped me get back my energy level and enthusiasm. My friends are happy that I’ve come out of my hibernation (lazyness as they always said)! I’ve not had fatty foods for one week now, but I don’t feel I’m missing anything. All thanks to generic Xenical. I’ll not stop taking this drug until I reach the weight that I always wanted. And with the effectiveness of Xenical, I don’t feel it is very far!
2010-07-15 23:46:10