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Makepeace said:
I had a sales and marketing job that kept me on the move always. Gradually, I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks at all times, sometimes in the middle of a meeting. Then began my Xanas course and I regained my life back. I started taking generic Xanax 2mg dose thrice during a day for some months and all problems were gone! I can eat well now and don’t feel anxious and drowsy at all times. People say you get addicted to this drug and I tried it myself. And I can say you will not be addicted to it. I reduced the dosage to just 2mg once a day and then gradually brought it to zero. It was not difficult and I have experienced no side effects. However, I can say that if you don’t stop the dosage gradually and take a steep turn, your panic attacks will resume. Thanks to generic Xanax, I’m a successful sales and marketing person today.
2010-08-01 11:57:37