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Steve42 said:
I was dealing with severe lower back pains for many years. I had also tried many drugs and back belts, but nothing really worked. Then one fine day, my friend told me about Soma and I started using it from the next day. And I can’t wait to tell you that the drug is just so amazing. It takes away my pain in few hours and keeps me relieved. I generally take the medicine whenever this pain bothers me and take a dose just before bedtime. And what follows is calming sleep with no back pain. The drug helps me get rid of all types of back pains like cervical pain to sacral pain and I don’t take the medicine always or every day. Only when my back aches, I take half or 3/4th of one tablet of Soma and I get instant relief from the pain. The drug has helped me in a great way because now I can do all my daily household work nicely and there is no fatigue or pain anywhere in the body.
2010-07-22 22:45:58