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Generic Ambien is one of the most demanded drugs due to its widespread use in the cure of diseases about the sleeping disorders. The drug is also known as Zolpedium because it contains the complex which is named as zolpidem tartrate. Ambien generic comes in the form of tablets either 5mg or 20 mg. The dosage of the drug depends upon the severity and nature if the sleeping disorder which is insomnia most of the times.

The generic Ambien is used for patients of insomnia most of the times and has proved to be very helpful in the cure of the disease. But similar to all other medicines having complex chemical compounds, Generic Ambien should be used with great care.

There are a number of side effects of the drug. Some of the most commonly quoted ones include lowering of blood pressure, dizziness, digestive system disorders like diarrhoea and an over sleepy state of mind in case of prolonged use of Generic Ambien. Among other bad effects of Ambien are the dryness of mouth, headaches, Palpitation, strange dreams etc. Some patients have reported feeling of head congestion like that of influenza when they use Generic Ambien. In addition to all these side effects, if the drug is not properly administered under the supervision of a registered practitioner, there are disorders in the functioning of nervous and cardiovascular system as well. The drug, obviously, has to deal with the excretion of hormones from various endocrine glands and affects functions of brain particularly in terms of the neurotransmitters and therefore helps in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Any misuse or abuse of generic ambient can therefore interfere with the proper functioning of the overall nervous system.

One of the most widely quoted ambient side effects is, like all other drugs, the withdrawal effect. If the drug administration is suddenly stopped there are observed normal to severe reactions. The list includes sudden panic attacks, recurring of sleep disorders, nausea, vomiting, muscular tremors and cramps in both external and internal body organs. These ambien withdrawal effects, however, occur if the ambien overdose or is used for more than one week. Currently there is no medical treatment to avoid this type of side effects.

Generic Ambien is available without prescription in many of the online drug stores. This, perhaps is happening due the fact that getting a medical prescription and going through all the treatment is becoming increasingly costly and people keep looking for ways by which they can save money on one hand and get out of their sleep cycle problems on the other hand. There are a number of stores which can provide you Generic Ambien without prescription. These drug stores usually operate online and provide a number of related services of which free shipping with full confidentiality is the major attraction which gives these drug stores selling Ambien generic a big competitive advantage as compared to the traditional medical stores. You can, therefore, purchase the desired quantity of this useful medicine at your doorstep without going through the hassle of going to the doctor and getting a prescription.

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