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Acebutololo is a drug that is available only by prescription and is considered to be a beta-adrenergic blocking agent. It is a medication that is used to treat hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure. It effectively reduces the heart rate that is responsible for the heart contractions.

Another brand which is distributed under the generic name of acebutololo is the drug Sectral. This drug is also used to treat hypertension. Common problems associated with hypertension include kidney failure, stroke, and heart attacks. Other conditions connected with hypertension (that the drug acebutololo is indicated) are arrythmia, also known as heart rhythm problem.

Dosage And Forms Of Acebutololo

Acebutololo is manufactured in the form of tablet or capsule, and normally taken orally. The prescription of this drug will depend on the patient’s age and condition. Oftentimes, the normal dosage for adult hypertension patients is 400mg tablet taken once or twice a day. This may vary according to the severity of the patient’s hypertension.

On the other hand, for ventricular arrhythmia patients - the recommended dosage is 200mg twice a day. However, the patient has to be examined by the doctor to determine the best and exact dosage for the condition.

The medication is best taken before meal time or before bedtime. The dosage for patients with kidney and liver problems should gradually be reduced.

In the event that the patients forgets or misses his dose, the next intake should never be doubled as this can be dangerous. The right amount of medication at proper intervals and frequencies as prescribed by your doctor should always be observed - and no attempt to change the dosage should be done without consulting your doctor.

Acebutololo Side Effects

The side effects associated with the use of acebutololo are normal. This is because of the body’s adjustment to the drug. On the other hand, there are also side effects which can prove to be fatal.

These include headache, constipation, abdominal cramps, change in eyesight, irregular heartbeat, swelling of the legs, fingers or face, difficulty in breathing, and wheezing. When any of these signs occur, consult or call your doctor at once.

The doctor must also make a proper assessment of the patient’s health before he makes any prescription. Any existing illness should be noted as this may interfere with efficacy of the medication and may cause other complications. If a patient is planning to be pregnant or is pregnant, the doctor must also know about it.

A good, balanced and healthy lifestyle with regular exercise can help the patient control the hypertension, aside from the medications. Your doctor will advise the best diet and exercise suited for you.

Most often, hypertensive people do not feel anything different - but it is vital to maintain the proper use of the medication together with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the healthy well being of the patient. This will be effective for the proper maintenance of your blood pressure.

Regular visits to the doctor should always be maintained. The doctor will be able to make a proper monitoring and recording of your reactions to the medication. If there is a need for it, the doctor can also alter the dosage of your medication.

Structural Formula Of Acebutololo:

- Molecular formula: C18H28N2O4

- Molecular weight: 336.426 g/mol

- Chemical name: N-[3-acetyl-4-(2-hydroxy-3-propan-2-ylamino-propoxy)-phenyl]butanamide

- Availability: 200mg and 400mg tablets

Generic name: Acebutolol

Brand names: Acebotololum, Prent, Monitan, Neptal, and Sectral.

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