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There are very few drugs that have changed the fate of humanity as Brand Viagra did. For many, it has been a life saving drug and rightly so. It has been a very effective drug to treat Erectile Dysfunction. The greatest advantage of this drug is that it can be safely used by cardiac patients. There have been other drugs which claim to fight against ED, but they were not at all safe from PAH patients. Therefore, it is this group of people who benefited a lot from this drug.

Brand Viagra

It is an oral drug and hence do not require any injections. Due to the widespread popularity of this drug, a lot of other pharma companies have come up with their own variants of this drug. But unfortunately, a major portion of these drugs are not as safe as the original one. They make use of the lack of stringent patent rules in this field. Therefore, people nowadays are more conscious about the type of drug they purchase. Also, the medical community has witnessed the release of a lot of generic drugs of this category.

Brand Viagra and generic version of Viagra

On the brighter side, a lot of these generic variants have been found successful in many medical tests across the globe. Since they do not require huge R&D setups, the manufacturing costs are comparatively less than the original one. This is one factor that attracts more and more people to them. Also, these companies do not have to worry about patents and related legal procedures, which in turns reduce the manufacturing cost further. All this will ultimately benefit the customer because he ends up paying less than he would have spent on Brand Viagra. By carefully conducting a small research on the internet, you can easily find some of the safest generic drugs and purchase them from online stores.